We developed the Esthetica Skin Care Set in Milan, Italy with special, officially patented ingredients after 4 years of development, research and testing.

The main advantage of this LINE is the special patented and sonicated Hyaluronic acid incorporated into each product, which is a low molecular weight compound with high penetration into the skin and can show high effectiveness.

Over the years, I have tried many beauty products and treatments without finding a solution to my skin problems, and I wasted time. Then, i discovered that improving my skin quality is superior than covering my face with makeup and healthy skin reflects your perfect beauty. Therefore, I created DESI MEMORIES, willing to share the secrets of finding the optimal solution for my skin after long-term experiments.

Meditate for clarity is intended to keep your natural beauty healthy for longer. Skin is the mirror of our external beauty.

Meditate for clarity 2 types of cocktail serum will help to intensively rejuvenate your skin color, make it brighter, healthier and more radiant.

The key to this product is to keep the skin brighter and firmer for a longer period of time. Retinoid, the main ingredient of the powerful serum with retinol, improves skin structure, reduces dryness and wrinkles, and makes it smooth and firm.

The main ingredient of Vitamin C Serum is Vitamin C, which not only provides the highest antioxidant action to the skin, but also has a rapid skin tone restoration and skin brightening effect.