Laboratoire de LE MUNI is a team of trained health professionals, experts in prevention and lifestyle.
Our laboratory which is located in France, design our products for skin health and wellness formulation to manufacturing.
Our raw materials are carefully selected for their high quality.
We prefer organically grown ingredients, locally produced for European plants, and those that guarantee fair production for the consumer, fair for the producer and fair environment.
We apply the most demanding manufacturing standards to ensure that our food supplements are free of pollutants (heavy metals, nanoparticles, endocrine disruptors, etc.)
Our Laboratory quality approach includes compliance with the ISO 22 000 standards, which guarantees the total safety of the raw materials with which we produce our Physiosens range.
The Laboratory also committed to following the HACCP method, which allows us to identify, evaluate and control the dangers linked to food safety. 
We are introducing six kinds of supplements divided into Skin health, and wellness products.